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Nearly 30 years later, Beat's Up Undercover Cops will be officially released in English - News

Nearly 30 years later, Beat’s Up Undercover Cops will be officially released in English – News

Released on Arcade in 1992 and Super Famicam in 1995, Secret police Not exclusively in Japan, but despite a column in the test section of the American press, the western release of the game was canceled last time. Nintendo Power. In partnership with Irem, Retro-Bit is now offering the game in its Japanese version on Super Nintendo cartridges, but has been translated into English. Compared to the arcade game, this 16-bit port had to make some concessions, it should be noted that it cannot be played as two, which is unfortunate for some Beat.

In response to the mayor’s call for help, we will in any case have a choice between a master karateka (John Takahara), an American football star (Matt Cables) and his partner (Rosa Felmont) after the assassination. The game offers three difficulty modes and features you would expect Beat Mail-The final fight. For the record, the team behind this topic was created later On the hunt (1993) and Conforce II (1994) Create a specific one before leaving Irem to discover Nazca Studios Metal Slug.

In addition to the official English translation, Retro-Bit markets a standard version and a collector’s version, which include variants Goodies (Rosa statue, certificate of authenticity, color instruction manual, letter ID card, posters …) and of course the SNES cartridge (orange) is compatible with all look consoles, Frequently Asked Questions. Asked on Twitter about a possible release of the game for download on more modern platforms, Retro-Bit kicked the opportunity without denying it.

Meanwhile, the distribution of bullets is expected between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Pre-orders now open at. 44.99 for the standard version and. 64.99 for the collector version, which is known to limit the mileage. To order in Europe, include partner stores Strictly defined games But even Dragon Box, Netcom And Games & Subject.

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