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For some indie developers, working with Sony is very difficult. Microsoft and Nintendo

PlayStation Sony ended up in the middle of a storm again. Some indie developers, as announced by the portal கோட்டாக்கு, Accused the Japanese giant of being a hard working company. Ian Corner of Neon Theory, on Twitter, How, The company will ask for at least $ 25,000 to get visibility in its store. High volume, especially for indie developer. The tweet did not mention that it was Sony, but it “X OS from the most successful console operator without Game Pass!“.

Corner’s post seems to have sparked the fuse, and many developers have written to Kotak describing their relationship with the PlayStation and Sony. The portal received many messages. According to some developers, who was anonymous, Between Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, the latter is much worse.

One of the messages read: “Yes, so Nintendo is here to support you. Microsoft does the same, then Sony supports their own AAA machine and takes care of everyone“. Kottaku tried to contact the Japanese company to ask for their version, but at present they still have no answer.


According to a Bloomberg article, Sony will drop small game development in favor of blockbusters. This lack of interest in small products can also affect third-party developers. Another user wrote to Kotakku:Sony does not understand what Indy means. By no means. According to them, Indy is on a budget of less than a million“.

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Another message received: “No site is ‘good’, but Sony is particularly scary. They know this – they have a problem for a long time, and they told the developers the same thing, but they never solved anything, so the problem persists.“.

The main problem, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, is for indie developers, Paying exp 25,000 is the only way to get some exposure. If an independent software house does not pay this amount, unlike what happens in the Microsoft and Nintendo stores, their games will be lost..

In this regard, one of the reports received by Kottaku speaks of the Xbox: “Every week we ‘see your game on the’ Xbox) dashboard! ‘ The Xbox UI sounds like a mess, but really, it’s interesting that we have dedicated so many places to reveal games“.

However, the situation with Nintendo is as follows: “Without paying for visibility, there are points in Eshop where you can appear completely free. New releases, big deals, all of those lists. They also place decent new releases and discounts in the Discover segment“.

All of this problem translates into this difference in visibility in different stores, and then a significant difference in sales and revenue received by independent developers.. Matthew Wright of Whitehorn Games has released a chart showing the percentage of sales on consoles. We first see the switch with 60%, followed by the Xbox with 30%, then steam with 7% and Finally PlayStation, with just 3%.

One publisher, who wanted to remain anonymous, pointed out the differences in sales with the exact numbers of an indie game in Kottayam. As a result, the title in question sold 20,000 copies on the Xbox, and unlike the PlayStation, sales were 7,000 units.. But there is one more difference: according to DLC, Microsoft sold 2,000 more copies, while “At Sony, this is not a joke, to date, 7“.

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The situation with the PlayStation is almost unbearable for some indie developers. Access to discounts is also an important issue. In fact, one indie developer said: “This is the worst. These days you will only be invited to advertisements. You do not have to decide when to play a game. These calls are not on my mind. They usually give you 40-50% by default, and you need to create a counter-plan. You say, ‘Damn, I have to give them 30% or they may have set me aside’“.

Conversely, the situation is better on the Xbox. Teja Wu’s indie developer Eric Freeman responded to Kotak via Twitter. Freeman said: “It helps us in every part of the process. Other than their percentage of sales, they never asked us for money. And within all team ID Xbox They were so good and fast.. However, with Sony, communications are incredibly difficult.

In short, the picture described is not the best. This is not a good situation for a Japanese company. Of course, no one is right, but as mentioned above how Sony still needs to improve its relationship with indie developers. Already last year, in fact, the creator of Return of the Oprah Tin He had said that indie games were fined by Sony because they would not be discounted.

What do you think about this situation? Who among you is an indie developer, can you tell us what was their experience with Sony?

Source: கோட்டாக்கு