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A simple trick can solve the problem

Joy-con drag is a recurring issue that affects the lives of gamers affected by the Nintendo Switch. The good news is, YouTube says it has found a solution to fix this malfunction. Simple fix that can take a good thorn from your side. Here’s how to do it.

This is the biggest drawback of the Nintendo Switch. The Joy-con traction The left joystick on the Big N console is a major malfunction that mainly affects. In short, the analog stick works just like you activated it – when it doesn’t. As a result, your writing moves unexpectedly, for example. The most annoying crash that makes your games harder. Joy-Khan denounces slip, UFC-Q Choisir complains against Nintendo in particular.

Cleaning the stick may solve the problem. You can disassemble the controller to integrate a new stick and wipe the inside of the Joy-con completely. Be careful, however, that such manipulation will void your warranty. For his part, The YouTube channel VK’s says that Joy-Khan has found a miraculous solution to the traction problem.

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Nintendo Switch: How to Fix Joy-Con Sliding Problem?

According to the videographer, all you have to do is open a joy-con and insert a small piece of paper or cardboard (about 1 mm) where the analog stick is located. This will allow you to exert constant and strong pressure. According to Utur, it is a devilish ploy. The latter says that the gliding problem has disappeared for two months, thanks to the addition of small piece of paper.

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If you have not yet succeeded in solving the problem, you can try to test this manipulation, which does not have excellent technical skills. Go to the video at the end of the article (from 5:55 minutes) to see how the videographer does it. However, keep in mind that opening the Joy-Con and adding an external element will void your warranty. Are you still going to take the risk and try? Tell us in the comments.