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Netflix / Night School Studio

Netflix Actionfree Developer Night School Studio – Getting My Tower

As of today, Night School Studio is part of the Netflix team.

There have been countless intense conversations about our visions over the past few months, where we see our games, stories and mutual opportunities for positive change.

The Night School Studio seeks to expand the story and creative aspirations into vague, original games with the heart. Netflix offers movie, series and now game makers an unprecedented opportunity to create and deliver great entertainment to millions of people. Our experience in the narrative game and Netflix’s track record to assist various writers is an understandable partnership. It was as if both teams came to that conclusion naturally.

Of course, being the first game studio to join Netflix is ​​not true. Not only do we continue to do what we do and how we want to do it, we also get a front row seat on the world’s largest entertainment site. The Netflix team left their way to preserve our studio culture and creative vision. We will continue to build Oxenfree II. We will continue to create new game worlds.

Right now our group has a kaleidoscope of butterflies in their joint stomach. (Is that what you call a group of butterflies?). We firmly believe that with a strong story it has the potential to positively affect the way people find, play and share.

Here we go.

-Sean Crankell, Night School Studio