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WINDTRE 100 Giga xTe

For some customers WINDTRE offers 10 Giga for free every month for 6 months

Some Already customers Operator’s mobile network WINDTRE Contacted recently to implement Free promotion, Which allows to get in this case Extra monthly shows Mobile internet traffic is valid 6 months.

Thus, the operator seems to have started something new SMS campaign I warn you in this matter One aimed at WINDTRE customers Currently.

Below SMS text Sent to selected WINDTRE customers:

Fill in the GIGA with the gift reserved for you by WINDTRE: 10 Giga Free for 6 Months! Start using them now: Reply to this SMS within 10 days to 3 days. Gigabytes will be added to your offer free of charge and will be automatically deactivated at the end of the advertising period

As pointed out in the message, this is enough to join the free advertising provided by WINDTRE Please respond within three days Same SMS with text 10 Promo.

It will activate Gift of WINDTRE, Include Valid for six months 10 gigabit free of charge per month of mobile internet traffic Starting from implementation.

So, 10 gig of free data traffic They will be renewed every month for free for 6 months, They will be Extra Compared to its core WINDTRE offer.

The free option is valid at the end of six months with 10 Giga for free, this one Will automatically deactivate WINDTRE costs the customer extra, so they do not have to take any action.

Thanks to Terry for reporting

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