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Football Manager 2022 - Insert new player pictures & badges

Football Manager 2022 – Insert new player pictures & badges

Football Manager 2022 edition shines with its reality and a comprehensive player and staff database with many names well known and unknown from the football world. In the standard version, many players and especially staff are missing images, then you can quickly and easily insert.

GIGA explains where you can find awesome user files for FM22 and how to install content.

A must have for every FM player. “Cut Out Player Faces Megaback“From SortItOutSI. The collection contains pictures of 330,000 soldiers and personnel. The manager, otherwise very dry, is still fun when you can not see the gray profiles, but the “real” photos of almost every player in world football. Here’s how to set up an image gallery:

  1. Load the package bei SortItOutSI Under. 330,000 image files and one About 15 gigabytes in size Downloading may take some time, but it is worth it.
  2. Extracting the folder in the download.
  3. Then move both folders to the directory
    C:BenutzerBENUTZERNAMEDokumenteSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2022graphics
    You can leave all images in the “Faces” and “iconfaces” folders in the “sortitoutsi” subdirectory.
  4. It may take some time to move.
  5. Once the files are in the right place, you can start Football Manager 2022.
  6. You call in the main menu Settings On.
  7. “Controls the divisionExtended“A.
  8. Select section “Interface“Absolutely.
  9. Now, under “Skin”, uncheck Options “Use cache to reduce loading time“.
  10. Check the box below “Reload the skin by clicking ‘Confirm’“.
  11. Click now on the bottom right “Reload the skin“Then”Make sure“.
  12. Now downloaded gamer images will be uploaded to your game. It works with the running score, so you do not have to start a new management career.
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In the video you can undo all the steps (in English):

The next time Football Manager 2022 starts, you can check the box next to “”.Use cache to reduce loading time“Again the images load faster.

Built in: Sports Interactive

Additional tips for FM 2022:

Image files can be used not only for Football Manager 2022, but for all pioneers and of course successor games. So if you buy the update next year, you will not have to download 330,000 image files again. The community continues to provide update packages that include all of the missing player photos.

Bei “SortitOutSI” You will find everything the manager’s heart desires. Aside from the new player images, there are many user files that polish the database. Missing names that are not in the game due to the license can also be submitted here. “Zebre” then, for example, is Juventus Turin. You can do this here too Download new metal coatingsIf pre-installed logos are too simple for you. The installation continues as described above. Jersey files for several leagues can also be found here.

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