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Follow it with us on this week's new state game, Twitz

Follow it with us on this week’s new state game, Twitz

The wait is finally over: Sony has confirmed with a post on official social channels Game level For this week.

The event will be broadcast live Ore 23:00 Next Thursday 25 February 2021 And lasts for half an hour. Unfortunately, the Japanese giant is unbalanced, which will be the main games shown during the state or game, but we have confirmed that we will talk about both PlayStation 4 That PlayStation 5 It will be displayed in bulk Ten products. The brief description of the event also states that Live will have new announcements and updates on some independent and third-party topics that were displayed in the showcase last June 2020.

It cannot be ruled out that it is one of the main sports of the event Will return, Coming next April 30, 2021 exclusively on the PlayStation 5 Horizon: Forbidden West e Except for the Ratchet & Clang split, Two more singles later this year. Also, since the announcement Free Games of March 2021 with PS Plus, Sony can take advantage of the opportunity to publish the next free titles for subscribers of the service, postponing the announcement by one day compared to the regular calendar.

Anyone interested in following the event can do this at our company Every Twitch Channel, We will comment on all the news provided by Sony in Italian.