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Flowers are here for planting now to be a beautiful blue window on August 15th

Flowers are here for planting now to be a beautiful blue window on August 15th

Adding some blue flowers to the flower Terrace Or the balcony in August is a great way to change the color palette on the hottest days of summer. The blue flowers, planted in groups, evoke the color of the sky and water. They express the best sense of freshness, well-being, serenity and relaxation.

They complement the purple, pink and white flowers and create contrasts with the yellow, orange and red heat. These August-blooming flowers come in a wide variety of heights, shapes and shades of blue. Here are the things to look for when selecting yours:

Flowers are here for planting now to be a beautiful blue window on August 15th

King of the Colombian Butter Garden

The Colombian Monkshoot is a perennial belonging to the butterfly family. It grows in forests in the United States, the Midwest, and Arkansas South Dakota Rocky Mountains in the west. It is a plant that lives on the banks of rivers and wet forests.

Its usually straight stems have three flap green leaves. During the months of July and August, the Colombian Monkshoot delights us with blue-purple flowers.

Lady Bird Johnson’s Wild Flower Center recommends planting in a shady place with rich, moist soil. But it is not within the range of children and animals that can consume it.

Harebel lives in a rock garden

Another good choice is Campanula Harebel, with blue bell-shaped flowers. Flowers appear from June to September. This plant is ideal for rock gardens, growing on beaches and mountain slopes, from southern Maine to open forests and meadows, to Arkansas, the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.

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We can plant it in the sun to shade and dry the well-drained sandy soil.

Greek star to gravel soil

Flowers are here to plant now for a beautiful blue window in August. The Greek star grows in the creek beds and in the open spaces of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Up to 50 cm tall, it has three lobed green leaves.

During a flowering season that lasts from March to November, it forms clusters of small blue flowers. This plant can be a real magnet in the fall months if you want to see a terrace full of butterflies. This requires calcareous dry and gravelly soils.

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