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Retrotracing and Flash Vaccines: How France Tries to Control Delta Variation

Retrotracing and Flash Vaccines: How France Tries to Control Delta Variation

Awareness – Reinforced health measures have been used in many French regions to control the spread of delta variation. It now accounts for 20% of new cases of Covid-19 in France.

The delta variant is advancing in France, indicating already “20% of new cases“From Govit-19. Double from the previous week. But “We can escape it” With vaccination and tight tracking, Health Minister Oliver Varan promised this Tuesday morning. Many regions are trying to control its spread. “Whenever we know of a case, we investigate so as not to be overwhelmed by the spread of delta variation,” he said. In the TF1 report at the top of the article, Jocelyn Vincent, head of health monitoring for the Regional Health Organization (ARS) in Pace de la Louir, explains.

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Govit-19: Vaccine Challenge

With her team of nurses and doctors, Jocelyn Vincent tries to break the chains of pollution by finding victims. The goal? Interview them to find out where and when they are contaminated to prevent contact cases. “We try to look with them, even if it’s: to find home, friends, events they attend, all contact events.” Push them to isolate, testifies Dr. Farah Bukra in Nantes (Lower-Atlantic). Many regions are trying to have diversity by carrying out this reuse process.

Intermediate vaccination centers

A few hundred kilometers away, Morbihan (Brittany) has the highest incidence rate in the department in the face of the so-called “Indian” variant. So the municipalities have decidedAccelerate vaccination By setting up interim centers. “We only had a week to set up the center in a gym, in which we installed thirteen boxes, which we rented from companies that work with vaccines,” he said. Promises to Boris Lemaire, Mayor of Giuseppe. About 2,000 people are expected to be vaccinated with the Govt this week.

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These punching operations are applied as soon as the clusters appear. Reuse will become the norm across the country From July 1st. This expansion is possible because the circulation of the virus is moderate and even weak in places (less than 5,000 new cases per day). According to epidemiologists, the essential condition is responsible for the investigation.

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