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Florence pours construction waste next to tanks: detected and reported

Florence pours construction waste next to tanks: detected and reported

One person report and three fines in Florence, Last Interventions against waste disposal Conducted by the Department Stay away Municipal Police. The agents thanked those in charge Citizens’ Reports Collected during services in the area Cameras.

A case involves a Florentine who was on patrol on Tuesday afternoon during a regional control service through the British Territory. Special waste was taken away from the construction site and unloaded. The man did not even have a waste identification form. It was the owner of a privacy in Florence who, as the investigation revealed, decided to throw everything in the ordinary bin for separate collection, often to save on the costs of legal disposal. According to him Complaint of violation of integrated environmental law; The truck was confiscated and the body (about 200 kilograms of construction waste from the demolition), The seizure was verified by the magistrate. Also, the person was fined for not complying with the truck insurance plan.

Regarding Persons allowed They are two Chinese citizens living in two municipalities in the province of Florence and an Italian from Prato. There are previous ones Abandoned bulky furniture and two large suitcases next to the pins, respectively Of a different story in the area Via Pistoys. The third was instead A large black bag is not destroyed by cameras when it dies Next to the waste containers. Agents have raised everyone A lot From 167 euros for violating municipal waste disposal regulations.

“Continued inspections by the municipal police against dumping of waste lead to better results,” he said Urban Security Councilor Benadetta Albanese – Only last year, despite the Govt emergency, There were 395 specific services with 42 complaints, 285 inquiries into administrative nature and 491 violations for waste disposal. As an administration, we continue to fight this disgusting phenomenon, which leads to pollution and degradation. “

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