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First users must use two-factor authentication

First users must use two-factor authentication

From Valentine Chatler
Google has confirmed the first 150 million accounts to set up two-factor authentication. In the future, more and more accounts will be gradually added to the new registration process until it is finally mandatory for all Google Accounts.

Google announced it in October, and now the time has come: the company began releasing mandatory two-factor authentication. Initially, about 150 million Google accounts will be switched accordingly, but they have already been notified by email about the move. Anyone who has not yet received news from Google will not be directly affected. However, in the future, the company wants to force all accounts to the new registration process.

Password and code for added security

With mandatory two-factor authentication, Google wants to increase the security of user accounts as password theft is less. This system is similar to online banking or Steam registration: only the email address and password are required to sign in with one factor authentication, and an activation code is required each time with two factor authentication. You can get this extra code via SMS or through apps. If the account data is stolen, you can sign in without the relevant data Skills Thus still not possible.

History: Data Security Attack: Google is soon mandating two-factor authentication

If you do not want to wait for the pledge from Google before switching, you can now switch your own Google Account to two-factor authentication. To do this, look for “two-step verification” in Account Settings and let it guide you through the steps. If necessary, two-factor authentication can be disabled there.

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