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First flight on another planet: Mars helicopter before premiere

First flight on another planet: Mars helicopter before premiere

The first flight for the 1.8 kilogram mini helicopter was made several years ago. Challenges for “Ingenuity”:

Cold: Until a few days ago, Mars was guarded by “ingenuity” by a rover called “Perseverance”. Built-in heaters prevent the electronics from being destroyed on nights with minus 90 degrees. “Being exposed to the surface of Mars will be a big challenge, and surviving the first night on Mars alone without rover protection and power will be an even bigger challenge,” said Chief Engineer Bob Balaram. The small machine has already crossed this barrier.

Perfect position: The next person to set the “ingenuity” in the middle of its ten-ten-meter launch pad is currently 250 million kilometers away, so the mini-helicopter had to position itself. Several days after it was dropped from the rover, a process began in which the “ingenuity” opened the vehicle and put its gripping hand on two of its four.

ATMOSPHERE: In good weather conditions, the NASA team wanted to give permission to depart. The rotors must then accelerate to 2537 revolutions per minute, and depart “ingenuity” as planned on its historic maiden flight. Project: It rises three meters in operation, is in the air for 30 seconds and descends again after a total of about 40 seconds. Also, follow bold flights.

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