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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will feature new pieces of music – ntower

In a recent blog post The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Became a senior composer and music director Yasumasa Kitakawa The Great Ace Attorney gave voice to the music of the games. So Kitakawa says he is Miji-Ära He studied something relevant before going to work Soundtrack Compose the Great Ace Attorney, which differs from the major Ace Attorney games:

Jidat van Yasumasa Kitakawa

In determining the musical direction of this topic, I first did a lot of research in the Meiji era to get a sense of the background that forms the setting of The Great Ace Attorney story. In contrast to the main parts of the Ace Attorney series, I avoided creating very digital or compiled sounds (and when I use sounds like that, make sure to use them in a way that goes well with others. Tools). In the tool I mostly used historical tools.

Yasumasa Kitakawa confirms that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has some features compared to the original Nintendo 3DS versions New pieces of music Included – Only occasionally Frühkäuferbonus-DLC Available:

Jidat van Yasumasa Kitakawa

This time, I’ve composed two new pieces for the Chronicles, including “Partners – The Game Begins!” It is only available through the initial buyer DLC. Mr. on the violin. Akiha Suboy and Ms. Yuka Fujino in Turkey (both of whom play the Great Ace Attorney pieces at every Ace Attorney Orchestra concert) were able to turn the hot flames of their passion for playing into exciting arrangement.

Janet Hsu from the localization group reveals that in addition to the two original credit songs, there is one last Brand new credits music Fans can already look forward to:

Quoted by Janet Hsu

In these credits you will find the names of all the people involved in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. The background music is a new piece called “Baker Street Ball – Waltz for the Chronicles”, which was specially designated for this game. Even if you do not see the screen, you can not get by listening to the song.

Kitakawa would like to conclude by thanking those who have already played The Great Ace Attorney games on the Nintendo 3DS or listened to the soundtrack Positive fanfeedback:

Jidat van Yasumasa Kitakawa

I am very pleased to have received so many positive comments from players who have played the title before. I am so grateful for your comments.

The new version will be released next Tuesday, including The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Nintendo Switch. Read the full one here Blog post with Great Ace Attorney composer To gain additional insight into the origin of the best soundtrack.

Are you a fan of Ace Attorney music? Which offshoot do you think has the best soundtrack?

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