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Firmware 9.00 causes major problems for some users -

Firmware 9.00 causes major problems for some users –

L ‘Firmware Update 9.00 From PS4 Causes Big issues For some users, they complain online asking for a quick fix. Some of these are so bad that they have practically broken the console.

According to what can be read online, many people complain that their PS4 came slow after installing firmware 9.00. For others, however, the situation is even worse. Reddit user for example The Iron Ghost Indicates that Link He broke his console so he couldn’t even move between menus. After seven restarts, he finally started the PlayStation Store, but could do nothing. A similar problem has been reported by other users.


Apart from this, there are those who complain that they have to restart the computer every time they want to start a game, while others cannot open TV and media applications. There are those who are unable to connect to i after the update Controller, Who received error screen shots they had never seen before. Safe mode does not fix the situation.

It is fair to point out that users with problems are a minority compared to those who installed the 9.00 firmware without crashes or freezes. However, if you are one of the unfortunate ones, contact Sony Technical Support to resolve it.

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