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Firefox: Repair Update eliminates the cause of the crash - PC-WELT

Firefox: Repair Update eliminates the cause of the crash – PC-WELT

Mozilla Firefox users can download Firefox 95.0.2. The update eliminates a cause for the crash.

Update 20.12 .:

With Firefox 95.0.2, Mozilla released another repair update a few days after the release of Firefox 95.0.1 (see below). As stated in it

Release Notes
Firefox 95.0.2 fixes an issue that only affects a few users: users who are still using PCs with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and have the “Bobcat” CPU (Bobcat for “lynx”) installed. AMD should experience browser crashes. With Firefox 95.0.2, it should be a thing of the past now. AMD has this

Popgate processors in 2011

As usual, Firefox offers you this update as part of its integrated auto-update function. Simply restart the browser after installing the update.

Update results

The beginning

Original statement from December 17:

Mozilla has released Firefox 95.0.1, the first repair update for Firefox 95. The bug fix fixes some bugs in the Windows and Linux versions of Firefox 95.

Mozilla’s concise changelog for Firefox 95

Can be read here.
You can also find links to pages with more information. Mozilla and Firefox expert Sören Hentzschel explains the bug fixes

On his blog
But a little more elaborate than the official changelog.

The first bug was fixed when opening various pages. Instead of the page, only the error message “MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_OCSP_RESPONSE_FOR_CERT_MISSING” came up. This is caused by a change in the server page configuration not supported by Mozilla’s NSS library. Mozilla has now changed that.

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Another bug related to WebRender crashed on some Linux / X11 systems. May crash when the browser is closed under Windows. Both problems have different causes. With this update it should be a thing of the past.

Linux users who run Dark Mode on the operating system have encountered various problems with websites. That too needs to be fixed now.

Firefox 95 was an important update, especially from a security standpoint. This article is about all the innovations: Firefox 95 brings new security features.

Download Tamil:

Download Firefox 95