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Firefox is no longer available on Amazon Fire TV

Firefox is no longer available on Amazon Fire TV

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The Firefox browser came to Fire TV devices in late 2017, with Amazon’s own Silk browser. But that is changing now. Mozilla has announced that the browser will not be available on Amazon Fire TV at the end of the month and after security updates. Those statements Androidpolice Quote Indicator Mozilla Self.

The browser has been removed from the Amazon App Store and cannot be reinstalled on devices. Everyone who defines the Firefox browser by default will be automatically switched to the Silk browser.

Switch to YouTube videos

Mozilla made the Firefox browser available on Fire TV two weeks after Google announced that it would remove YouTube from all Amazon devices. Firefox later provided a shortcut to the YouTube web application. Firefox has provided a simple alternative to making YouTube videos available.

According to AndroidPolice, Mozilla seems to no longer see any point in further improving the browser for the operating system, as YouTube and YouTube TV are now available for all Fire TV devices without the need for a Firefox browser.

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