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Firefox 85 Web Browser: Extra Data Security, Better Bookmark Management

Firefox 85 Web Browser: Extra Data Security, Better Bookmark Management

The first version of Firefox of the new year will better protect the browser from being tracked by so-called super cookies. This motto describes several techniques for using the Firefox cache. Firefox looks for multiple sources to avoid overlays such as images. However, if an image is loaded from multiple websites, it can be used to identify the browser.

Firefox 85 now distributes its various cache on a top-level domain, with the relevant blog post listing in detail: DB Authorization Cache, Alt-Svc Cache and TLS Certification Cache. “This will reduce the loading time of websites Too bad it gets worse, But bring significant improvements in surveillance security.

The new browser brings various innovations in bookmark management. The browser remembers the last used storage location when saving bookmarks and selects it the next time it is saved. Previously, the browser pre-selected the “Other Bookmarks” folder as storage space. Firefox now displays a bookmarks bar for new tabs.

Ctrl + Shift + B (macOS: Cmd + Shift + B) introduces browser keyboard shortcuts for displaying and hiding bookmarks. So far, this command has opened the library. The corresponding command was changed to Ctrl + Shift + O (macOS: Cmd + Shift + O).

It is said that Firefox 85 can import passwords from password managers KeyPass and BitWarden. The function is disabled by default, but can be enabled in advanced settings: switch to true by double-clicking This is what Firefox expert Soren Hendshell wrote On his blog. In fact, it enabled the import function to access data from files in our tests. However, we did not succeed in importing the KeyPass file.

We do not recommend using the browser’s password management function anyway. A hole or incorrect plug-in in the browser is sufficient and the attacker can read the passwords in the browser. It is a good idea to leave the passwords separate in a password manager such as KeyPass, and access the passwords in the browser with KeyPass XC-Browser-like password manager. To access. Another new feature in Firefox 85 is the option to delete all saved passwords at once.

There was flash Firefox 85 Permanently removed. Flash does not have the option to run again. There are several security updates in the new browser. We report on this in a separate message. In addition to the Firefox 85 with the normal update cycle, Mozilla also has an extended support release version Version 78.7 Updated.


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