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FireDM - A download manager will set you on fire

FireDM – A download manager will set you on fire

Youtube-dl, I hope you like it, but if the command line pushes you, here’s FireDM, the best download tool for capturing any YouTube or other file or video quickly.

Created on Python, FireDM Uses a system of simultaneous links to retrieve single files or entire playlists from the entire set of streaming sites. If the network crashes, each download can be picked up from the standstill and you can start watching the video before the download is complete.

A “package” feature allows you to retrieve multiple links at once and for videos, you can schedule download times and you can retrieve the verses individually or choose the quality of the video before downloading.

FireDM monitors your clipboard, so you need to copy the link to be automatically detected by FireDM.

For those who want to retrieve “protected” videos in the “Members” area, FireDM also supports cookies or logins / passwords.

This is a great tool that I think will serve you well. It is available here for Linux and Windows.

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