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Kovid, physicist Batiston: "Vaccines are reducing infections despite the opening of schools"

Kovid, physicist Batiston: “Vaccines are reducing infections despite the opening of schools”

The number of hospital admissions and infections in August raised suspicions of injustice and misconduct Efficacy of vaccines, All the experts had explained how we would have been locked up without the vaccine Due to the increased exchange Delta variation. After two months, not only is the safety of the vaccines clear, but it also shows us how the barrier to infection allows for a better environment than one year when schools are open for more than two weeks.

To show, the numbers on hand, if we see a normal brightness, it is that we owe it to anti-govt compounds Roberto Batiston, Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Trento. In an interview with La Repubblica, the scientist explains how the effect of the vaccine campaign was felt after the summer outbreak, which, after shutting down the alpha type that was still in circulation, controlled the effect of the delta and caused the low. RT curve and the new daily infection. “

The differences between this fall and last year are clear: “We came in very small numbers these days last summer, but then new infections and RTs grew very rapidly after the reopening of schools and manufacturing operations. Nothing like this has happened this yearAs we mentioned, we started with high summer numbers, but we have been steadily declining since mid-August, despite a slight slowdown over the past few days. ” Despite all this “, Only by reopening schools, Set in the restructuring movement of society, directly or indirectly, with more than nine million students and school staff and their respective families, a significant part of Italian society. In short, a year ago we were waiting for the red zones, the controls, the dad for the students, this year the numbers and outlook are so much better.

As he points out it will be important, Sergio Afrigani, Member of the Cts, Professor of Immunology at State University and Director of the National Molecular Genetics Inverness of Pollinico di Milano, flu vaccine. The immunologist eliminates the field of suspicion that combining anti-coagulant and anti-influenza can be complicated. “In medicine, combining vaccines is the rule. Any first, second or third anti-govt dose can be combined with the flu vaccine. This year there will be two injections. A third dose is recommended, i.e. weak and over 60, For whom the flu vaccine is recommended. In the same day, perhaps in different hands, they can inject two. Not in one hand, he emphasized, “especially to avoid awkwardness only at one point, but in the same hand.” However, compliance management has no problem: “Last year, for example, Many seniors took pneumonia with the flu shot. On the other hand we give children hexagonal and trivial things.