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Find a bike with the iPhone: Apple "Where?"  For third party providers

Find a bike with the iPhone: Apple “Where?” For third party providers

Apple’s “Where?” Network allows Apple to detect lost hardware and block it over the network. The application also shows the location of friends who share this information. Additionally, “Where” allows the app to locate items that are not online, such as lost lost items, and allows other Apple devices to be found approximately via Bluetooth. The whole process is encrypted from the end.

As expected, Apple is now opening this network to other manufacturers through the MFi (“Made for iPhone”) program. Approved products can be added to a separate tab called “Items” in the “Where” application. Starting next week, the first three products will be titled, “Where?” Record: Inventor of the latest S3 and X3 e-bikes from Skype, Soundform Freedom True Wireless In-Ear Headphones and Cipolo One Spot Article from Belkin.

Adding third-party products to the “Items” tab in the “Where” app requires an iPhone or iPod touch iOS 14.3 or later, iPods 14.3 or higher, or a Mac for Pixar 11.1 or later. You also need an Apple ID, and “Where?” You need to sign in with your iCloud account.

“Where?” You can now find additional items

(Image: Apple)

Compared to existing solutions, “Where?” The network has a definite advantage: it is already provided by the operating system and does not depend on third-party applications, which must first be installed on as many smartphones as possible and require constant access to the location to find objects. They have been declared lost. This creates a dense network of inventors. Apple or third-party providers do not know where the products you are looking for are. This is only visible to the user.

In addition to location via Bluetooth, Apple wants other device manufacturers to use ultra-broadband technology in Apple devices equipped with U1 chips and to implement more precise location resolution. The specification for chipset manufacturers is due out this spring.


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