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A system to build iPhone battery - iPhone Italia Best

A system to build iPhone battery – iPhone Italia Best

Apple seems to want to add new features in iOS to allow users to better monitor battery status on the iPhone.

The New patent Provides a system designed to allow users to save battery life, as iOS already has similar functionality Find out how long the battery lasts during the day based on the latest usage data.

On current devices, the user only gets a low battery alert when it reaches 20%, but the patent shows a way Make these announcements better and more personal. Apple provides an example of a user forgetting to charge their phone in a single day and receiving a low battery alert before going to work.

Often, the “low battery” sign is not received in a timely manner, based on a fixed remaining charge limit to allow the user to take the correct action. For example, a user usually charges their smartphone at night, but on one occasion forgets to do so, getting a “low battery” note shortly before going to work the next day will not give the user time to recharge the phone before leaving.

If you are a Mac user, you may have noticed that the MacOS displays estimated battery life, but this patent describes a very complex and smart system. For example, it can Identify user behavior on different days of the week Adjust battery alerts Every day. Apple says the system will operate based on the user’s location, but the data will be processed locally to respect privacy.

This way, the notification of the required charge by the user will vary from day to day, not based on standard portals but on his iPhone usage history. This feature can be introduced with iOS 15.

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