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Special waste 800 kg.  Entrepreneurship Report by Forest Carabinieri.  Video photos

Special waste 800 kg. Entrepreneurship Report by Forest Carabinieri. Video photos

Soldiers at the Montecarcio Forestry Carabinieri Station continue to differentiate the degradation of some of the outskirts of the municipality of Cepaloni, which aims to “continuously drop” waste.

Some sites, which have been badly damaged by the alleged uncontrolled dumping of waste due to entrepreneurial activities, have been subjected to specific investigations by the Carabinieri Forrestali di Montaccarcio with the help of video surveillance equipment provided by the municipal administration.

Over the course of a few months, cleverly installed equipment near illegal leaks provided valuable components for identifying various subjects (mainly private citizens) who, using the wisdom provided by the outlying areas, wanted to dump their waste in the countryside. The environment of the district of Cephaloni distinguishes them exactly with commitment and dedication, as most virtuous citizens do, instead of providing for them.

Such behaviors, although they are often only allowed in the administration with fines of 300 and 3000 euros, cause environmental degradation due to the contents of the bags being spread from the abandoned place. Stray dogs inspired by the smell of air, vehicles in traffic, wild animals and food waste.

A serious case of indestructibility with electronic eyes, established by Forestry CCs, was brought to the attention of the Benevento Attorney’s Office for illegal management and disposal of special waste (mainly life-ending tires and other specialized plastic waste). Illegal incineration of waste.

A thirty-year-old boy from Cephaloni, already known to the police, got into trouble and was found several times indestructible with hidden cameras and at different points in the area, while intending to leave more than 800 kilos of special waste on the field.

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The position of a local entrepreneur who became the owner of a vehicle used at night to illegally burn a pile of waste in the area of ​​Rotola is still active in the field of waste management.

Thanks to the rapid intervention of the Benevento Fire Brigade, the fire, which included plastic waste, tires and other debris for a lifetime, resulted in the release of dioxins into the atmosphere and environment.

The vehicle, which was impounded by Forresters in a neighboring country, was seized by criminals and obtained by the Judicial Authority for the purpose of identifying the persons who used it to carry out the fire accident.

Those who commit similar offenses are liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two to five years (Section 256-BIS of the Environmental Code) and a fine of three months to one year or two thousand six hundred euros. Twenty-six thousand euros imposed on those who illegally manage and discard special waste.

In addition to criminal and administrative sanctions, offenders must proceed at their own expense to restore the condition of places by properly disposing of and disposing of abandoned waste.

The move is part of a broader control over waste management across the district last year under the auspices of the Monticercio Forestry Carabinieri Station (municipalities of Apollosa, Arbice, Ponia, Cepaloni, Monticarcio, Bonnaro and San Lucio del Sanio). A total of 13 criminal reports and declarations of administrative offenses led to 000 24,000.