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Finally, the physics version for the video game workshop on the Nintendo Switch

Finally, the physics version for the video game workshop on the Nintendo Switch

Anyone can learn to create games with the fun and interactive lessons of the video game workshop

July 15, 2021 – Initially available on Nintendo EShop on June 11, the Nintendo Switch video game workshop will be available in cartridge form from European retailers from September 10th. Immerse yourself in the video game workshop (Nintendo Switch) and watch the video to discover the video game workshop and its colorful characters and notations. See the interview for the secrets that make up this topic and from the mouths of the two developers who contributed to its development Ask the developer module. 1, Game Builder Garage On the Nintendo website. A free demo version from Nintendo EShop is available for all budding game makers who want to try out the video game workshop.

Thanks to a series of interactive lessons, the video game workshop, which guides players step by step, allows them to learn the basics of video game development with Nintendo’s developers, without previous experience. Throughout these lessons, you will learn how to create new video games, placing and connecting colorful creatures called Nodons to each other. There are dozens of notons and each has its own unique function and personality. Anyone can use Nodons to turn a blank page into a working prototype game, where programming ideas are represented in a fun, accessible and visual way. After you lead the lessons, you are ready to revive all your ideas in free program mode. Lessons or even free programming, you can switch between the programming screen and the game screen with a single button

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If you are looking for a little inspiration, you can share and download games with family or friends via the Internet or a local wireless connection *. This will be the perfect opportunity not only to showcase your best works, but also to see what other users’ creativity has given. Behind the scenes of games downloaded in free programming mode, you can see how games uploaded by other creators are designed and discover some new tips!

The video game workshop can be controlled by the integrated controls of the Joy-con controllers, the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, or the Nintendo Switch Lite **, but you can also program the games by attaching a mouse compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Docking station USB port.

The video game workshop at Nintendo Switch comes in cartridge form in stores across Europe on September 10th. Thanks to its fun and interactive lessons and its colorful Nodons, everyone can learn and master video games without any previous experience.