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Halo Infinite: Helmet with cat ears divides community |  Xbox One

Halo Infinite: Helmet with cat ears divides community | Xbox One

Multiplayer The halo is infinite Available from November 15 and has been experiencing ups and downs since its launch. While Kamble has been a success for most players, various issues such as progress and matchmaking or cheating have spilled a lot of ink in the meantime.

Today, cosmetics are being re-isolated by a section of society.

Cat Spartan

The cat ears recently available at the in-game store are causing a stir. Many players have actually expressed their displeasure on the internet about this helmet which is available in the package “Lovers of Cats”.

In the Hollow Webpoint forum, but also on Reddit and Twitter, dozens of messages have been posted on the subject, which we can read specifically:

The shield is not the theme of daisies and cat ears, the shield should be themed. Attracting players at Fort Knight seems like a terrible trick to not impress their true fans. Please, 343 … really focus on the halo or at least the armor theme compatibility armor

The samurai thing was weird and didn’t fit into the halo universe, but it wasn’t too funny to fit in … but now do you have cat ears? 343 Want to destroy the Hollow universe by this nonsense to make money? In one more year we will start seeing Spartans in clown costumes

Yes, this game is designed to meet the needs of the children of the Fortnight generation, not the long halo players. That’s why it has a store that can play for free, with outrageous prices for childish items, very low cards and seldom functioning servers …: cough: … BTB

The fact that 343 offers these products before addressing future cosmetics, the “serious” aspect of the topic and concerns that are considered important by the community is at the center of the negative comments. Other players do not see what the problem is, they are reminded that these are cosmetics that do not affect the game or the player’s abilities in any way.

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How to equip yourself with cat ears?

If you’re all making fun of other players and want to equip this helmet yourself, here’s how to get it:

  1. Go to the game store
  2. Find and buy the “Cat Lover” bundle
  3. Equip yourself with “burring audio” headphones