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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Update 1.02 Available on PS4, with new feature

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Update 1.02 Available on PS4, with new feature

Despite the rare slobbering systems that delighted the canvas, Final Fantasy VII remake It was technically almost flawless when it was released on the PS4. After the official release a lot of studios are releasing reps to complete their project, Square Enix It took more than 6 months to deploy a patch 1.01… We still do not fully understand what he is editing.

We are now on port on the PS5 before the port, Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrate, NowA software version 1.02 was released for the PS4 version. It logically sets the stage for a feature that is expected by some fans, viz Transferring backups from PS4 to PS5.

Update 1.02

Storage can now be converted to PlayStation 5.

This option is now available on the PlayStation 4, so you can bring your game already to the PlayStation 5 using the dedicated tab in the menu. Keep in mind that this is only possible from the paid PS4 version, no One that is offered PlayStation Plus And March, Which does not applyUpgrade to the next gen. For those involved, keep in mind that the storage transfer will not affect your game settings, however Will open automatically Cups The Final Fantasy VII remake is related to progress on Intergrade. Its release date is set for June 10, 2021, and this. Pre-order for 59.99

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