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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters: Square Enix clarifies its thinking

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters: Square Enix clarifies its thinking

The Japanese publisher first clarified his purpose when renaming the first six episodes of his primary saga. No, not only “Fill the crates“, You have a bunch of bad tongues. In the context of this new range, versions published over the years have to be standardized on many sites, with different treatments and content. And they can be rediscovered. All in one place.”

Speaking of support, while Square Enix is ​​currently only targeting smartphones and PCs, it is sometimes dusting off versions over the age of ten and making them available to as many people as possible. However on other sites their visit is not excluded, depending on the request (well, there, well, maybe they ask for money).

On the content page, we finally have a little better understanding of what we are dealing with. Each Pixel Remaster So based on its original NES or Super NES version, but its graphics “Completely redesigned based on pixel“According to HD screens Figures The characters were re-drawn directly by Kasuko Shibuya. Nobu Umatzu’s compositions would have been rearranged under his direction, and the sound effects would have been recreated. Each version will have its own interface, designed for touchscreen or PC accessories. In addition, each component is entitled to resale according to the publisher.

Finally, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Carrying different bonuses. The monsters book is updated and allows you to find them on the map, or face them directly Skills. A music track player will allow you to listen to the OST of each game, regardless of your progress. Finally, a gallery should combine everything Concept Arts Yoshitaka Amano wrote about heroes and monsters, as well as examples related to models CB letters.

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Exit the first three Pixel Remasters Steam is scheduled for July 28th on Android and iOS. Each game costs 11.99 euros, and a bundle of six titles is planned on the valve platform.