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Final Fantasy 16: Lots of action, but a way to enjoy the story - narrator statement

Final Fantasy 16: Lots of action, but a way to enjoy the story – narrator statement

In this new episode announced on September 16, 2020, Naoki Yoshida had the opportunity to address the final fantasy fans who feared that the protagonist Clive Rosefield would not succumb to the acrobatic strength without engaging in big revelations, he would fight his opponents in real time Noktis had already done Final Fantasy15. For a product that surprisingly targets a large audience, the game offers a mode designed for players with less technical experience, or “Above all those who want to enjoy the scene“As we usually say very humbly.

We want players to enjoy the story, so we are in the process of preparing an easy-to-play mode for players who want to focus on the storyline. So even if you are not good at acting, don’t worry too much“, The producer commented Final Fantasy14. For others, we may rely on action Final Fantasy16 Only by recruiting such a scale will the occasion rise Ryota Suzuki (The devil can cry Vs., Dragon’s Dogma) Observing these fights in real time.

In development for the PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy16 The last time it officially appeared was on October 29th Official site Allows you to see the world, categories, characters and narrative shares during the announcement of the game. The scene, highly acclaimed by Noki Yoshida, whose contribution has been completed over several months, has become a platform for growth, but Square Enix is ​​now discreetly in the target release window.

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