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Download Asbestos Vaccines Against Government - Friulisera

Download Asbestos Vaccines Against Government – Friulisera

“Vaccination centers in our region, as announced by its administrators, continue in areas such as firecrackers: the lights go out in support of the health councilor’s election catwalk, and then he leaves. Equal to reports only. Patience, if the system leaves the elderly in line for hours. The commissioner can always download it to the government as there is no vaccine for mesothelioma patients as it did with the disabled “. B.D. In a note written by FVG Roberto Travison’s Health Manager, Friuli commented on Health Councilor Ricardo Ricardi’s statements at the recent opening of vaccination centers in Giulia, Venezia.

“Too bad for eighty-year-olds and people with disabilities – Travison adds – they weren’t lucky enough to book at the right center on the day it started. If they’re lucky they can get vaccinated at the vaccination center.

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