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Coronavirus, pandemia cresce in Brasile - Ultima Ora

Filmed while dumping waste in the park area and allowed – Abrusso

In Rogamoris, he recovers bags thrown in the Carabiner Valley

. The man was identified and admitted to the “Barco” carabiner station in Letomanobello (Pescara). Darkness did not see the car’s license plate, but thanks to the license plate lights not working, the soldiers returned to the driver.

Following that, with mountaineering techniques, the bags were recovered at a depth of 15 meters in the Carabinieri Valley, and through the documents found inside, the manager was able to locate the owner of a car with the missing license plate light.

He was fined 50 euros for violating the Environmental Code, 600 euros permit, and the law for the protection of protected areas. (On the handle).

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