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Rediscover Classic with Monopoly Madness Nintendo Connect

Fight for fame and fortune at Monopoly Madness Nintendo Connect

Monopoly is crazy, Video game reinterpretation of the iconic monopoly game Das Announced in October, Now Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Available on Windows PC via S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna and Ubisoft Store and Epic Game Store.

Like the classic monopoly, in Monopoly is crazy Competes to buy and upgrade real estate in Monopoly, but Mr. As a result, confusion ensues.

You will face 5 competitors in a short and fast real time race on the chaotic streets of Monopoly City without the limitations of the game board. Money and other resources are collected throughout the map for the purchase and improvement of real estate. The more real estate someone has, the more points they bring in, which means players will come closer to the finish line in the race for wealth. Along the way, bulldozers, jackhammers and many power-ups are collected through social boxes and used against enemies. However, players need to be aware of random events that may occur at any time and make each game session more unpredictable.

Monopoly is crazy Inspired by the classic monopoly game tokens, it offers 20 new playable characters and four unique environments with their own environment and architecture. Including the iconic city divided into nightlife, beach town and cozy waterfall. This means that players can access multiple levels and layouts with a total of 20 different arenas.

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