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FIFA 23 ready for historic revolution: strategic change?

According to some rumors, EA is preparing for a game revolution with FIFA 23. All details

A revolution that could come with FIFA 23 (YouTube screenshot)

A few days ago, Gonami Officially announced PES Changes its name eFootball. The first revolution, which acts as the antithesis of a real revolution: football simulation video game only available digitally Free to play. Users can download it for free from any site and purchase it later Personal methods and additional DLCs Of your choice.

An action captured EA Game Outside of security. FIFA22 Will be released next fall with the traditional formula From 70 euros For the physics disk or digital version, but something may change soon. According to Insider Tank, the Canadian software home video game will be available next year as well Follow in the footsteps of eFootball.

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Is FIFA 23 like eFootball? An introvert expresses it

FIFA 21 Demo
An insider has revealed potential upcoming news (YouTube)

According to well-known internal tank reports FIFA23 EA games will be followed as well Konami’s strategy And releasing a football simulation video game Free to play With cross-platform support. The most interesting possible result that opens the doors to a revolution in the world of video games. Like it did this year eFootball And (perhaps) next with FIFA 23, other Francoists could activate The following strategy.

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Confirmations related to this are awaited. To date, the only confirmation is that FIFA 22 is coming out In stores from October In physical and digital version. Then there are the classic alternative versions with bonuses for FUT and other extras. For other news, we are waiting for the release By EA Game.

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