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Sjömärke: Invisible wireless charging from Ikea

Sjömärke: Invisible wireless charging from Ikea

Ikea has no imagination for its wireless chargers. The latest invention from the Swedish furniture company makes the Qi charger completely invisible!

Sjömärke wireless charger really blends into the background. The sidewalk, however, is, by contrast, placed on a table top, desk or tablet. Place the smartphone to recharge where the charger is placed to start recharging the battery!

Should be placed under the table

However, there are several constraints to keep in mind. On the one hand, mark the space on the board where the charger is! Ikea offers two sensible stickers to mark its status. On the other hand, the charger should not be installed under a metal plate (induction should be prevented by recharging material), or under a plate with a thickness of 22 mm.

Credit: Ikea

Also, this Ikea does not specify it, but indicates a loss of induction power if the device to be recharged is further away. The panel did not specify the power of Sjömärke, but if one relied on similar previous products, it should not exceed the QW standard 5W. Those who believe that they will recharge their smartphones quickly will be at their expense …

Ikea provides adhesives for attaching the charger under the table, but it can be fixed (not provided) with screws or any other structure. Depending on the material of the plate on which the charger is installed, the best fixing should be selected. The device includes a 1.8 meter long cable. It is priced at € 29.99.