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FIFA 22 - Gameplay trailer focuses on innovations

FIFA 22 – Gameplay trailer focuses on innovations

In the first real game trailer for FIFA 22, EA Sport not only shows how the upcoming version of Soccer simulation will be in motion, but also provides technical improvements and innovations in the game.

FIFA 22 …

FIFA22… Thanks for the hyper motion …

FIFA22… more realistic

The most important innovation in FIFA 22 is called hyper motion technology, which is used for the first time in the game and is specifically intended to ensure realistic actions on the pitch. For this purpose, 22 real football players were called Excellency cases and then recorded their movements during a football game. With the help of machine learning, the data collected in this way was evaluated and more than 4000 new animations were created for the game.

The upgraded AI allows the streamer to better analyze current events so it can operate much faster and smarter. Security should now function better as a team. Torters is now a personal personality and behaves accordingly. Other inventions include advanced ball physics, new offensive tactics and more in the arena.

FIFA 22 PC, Switch, will be released on October 1, 2021 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 , Xbox One And Xbox Series X / S. Among other things, HyperMotion features are only available on the most powerful consoles offered by Sony and Microsoft.

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