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Don't save WhatsApp pictures automatically: here's how to do it

Don’t save WhatsApp pictures automatically: here’s how to do it

Updated: 07/29/2021 – 10:05 pm

For iPhone and Android
WhatsApp images are no longer automatically saved

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Photos you receive on WhatsApp should not be saved automatically because storage space is compromised. However, removing it manually is not absolutely necessary.

Photos on WhatsApp directly in the photo gallery of the cell phone. This can put a lot of pressure on the internal memory and memory card for a long time. Read here how WhatsApp images are no longer automatically saved.

You can write in multiple chats with friends and acquaintances through WhatsApp. Especially in multi-member groups, multiple photos and so-called GIFs are sent, i.e. a special graphic format for images. All this data ends up in the cell phone’s photo gallery and is stored there.

But it is not necessary. Since you do not want to have all the pictures, they use up a lot of storage space and can slow down the smartphone. WhatsApp images can no longer be automatically stored on the phone, We explain it to you here.

Don’t save WhatsApp pictures automatically: here’s how to do it

Getting pictures with funny lyrics is a lot of fun at first. But should all this really be stored on a mobile phone? For WhatsApp users, it is often preset that the data will be automatically stored in the gallery.

But it can be turned off. There is a difference between iPhones and Android smartphones. In both versions you must first select “Settings”. There are now only a few clicks to turn off automatic storage.

How To Change Settings On iPhone And Android

For iPhones, click the “Chats” sub-item. The input “Save to Records” is displayed below with a switch. This can be moved. If it is green, it means that WhatsApp images will be saved automatically. Tap the switch so that the button is on the left and on the gray background. With iPhones, WhatsApp no ​​longer directly backs up data.

It works a little differently with Android smartphones. In the settings you also select the sub-item “Chats”. Instead of “Save to Records”, the “Media Visibility” switch should disable the automatic storage of WhatsApp images on Android.

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Turn off automatic downloading completely

But there is also an interesting option in systems to save storage space. Usually the photos will be downloaded automatically on the smartphone. But that can change, too. There is only a blurred preview of the images before you show them by tapping your finger.

You can easily turn off automatic download on iPhones and Android phones. With the iPhone, you need to go to “Storage and Data” in Settings. Now you can select the “Automatic Media Download” menu item and tap the sub-item Photos. If you click on the “Never” option, the automatic download of the files will stop.

Beware of fraudsters! You should not send this WhatsApp number code.

You can also disable saving videos

With Android smartphones, you have to proceed differently in this regard. “Memory and Data” is selected in the settings. You should now see a sub-item called “Automatic Media Download”. Three types of data connection are shown below: “with mobile data connection”, “with WLAN connection” and “roaming code”.

All three points must be tapped here, and a checkmark must be removed from the corresponding sub-item “Photos”. Here you can decide if automatic downloading of videos and other documents should be blocked. Then the verification marks there should be removed.

For storage space, creating these settings on your mobile phone is definitely an advantage. This means that all WhatsApp images are no longer automatically saved and you can track your data.

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