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Fans ask Sony to change its policies -

Fans ask Sony to change its policies –

As you already know, booking resultsFree upgrade from PS4 to PS5 version From Harrison Forbidden West Only by purchasing certain versions did it provoke the anger of many players who ask Sony on social networks. Review its policies About

As we explained earlier, the Horizon PS5 will be upgraded only for those who cut the digital version and the standard version buyers and buy the deluxe and collector version. In fact, it is not possible to upgrade, especially if you have not purchased a second copy specifically for the PS5.

Considering that buying a PS5 is even harder (unfortunately the situation will not improve next year), Alloy could use the new adventure to start on the PS4 and then upgrade to the PS5 version or skip the potential graphical benefits of the upgrade for a second game.

As we can see from the comments under the post by Hermann Hulst, the boss of the PlayStation Studio, many are asking Change of policies From Sony. There are those who point out how bizarre the game’s upgrade system is,People can buy the wrong version and pay $ 130 for the same game“And those who ask that at least one update system be made available to everyone for a fee.

SIE CEO Jim Ryan claims that Horizon Forbidden West actually promised to switch from PS4 to PS5 at no cost to all players, but as we have already explained in detail in a dedicated message Sony has never publicly promised a free upgrade except for PS5 release games.

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Apparently the tweets we announced in the news are just a few examples (and above all with more polite tones), but take a tour on various Sony social networks to notice the numerous complaints from players. Who knows at this point whether or not Sony will decide to make changes to the upgrade system between its titles PS4 and PS5, including the Horizon-banned West of course.

Meanwhile, the company has released the teaser trailer for the PlayStation Showcase 2021, reminiscent of next week’s meeting.