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Fiber Optic offers fast internet to 1,600 users in Howell

Fiber Optic offers fast internet to 1,600 users in Howell

The optical fiber expansion project was officially launched on Wednesday at the Alte Potsdamer Landstrasse with a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony as part of a federal funding program for broadband expansion. In July 2019, Deutsche Telekom was awarded a contract for construction work on Havelstad.

It will provide fiber optic connectivity to 1,460 homes, 135 companies and 16 schools. By the end of 2022, Telecom will have installed about 500 km of fiber optics and set up nearly 80 new fiber optic distributors. With this new fiber optic connection, the maximum download speed can be increased up to 1 gigabit (Gbit / s).

Upload speed increases up to 200 megabits per second. Links offer all the possibilities for digital and fast applications like video streaming, gaming or working from home. It is also suitable for technologies such as virtual reality, telemedicine and smart home. To this end, fiber optic cable has been set up not only on the street but also inside the house as part of the funding program.

The funding program is 100 percent funded by the federal government and the state of Brandenburg, which share the required .5 6.5 million equally. “Despite the really good growth in our city, there are still white spots, especially in the suburbs. These are areas that can achieve download speeds of less than 30 Mbit / s,” said Mayor Stephen Scheller. He asked people for an understanding of the sites.

The new fiber optic cable is very thin and manages a lot more. A grid can only supply 32 homes with its 9 micrometers (i.e. one part in 9 thousandths of a millimeter) through a coupler. Overall, the cable from the distributor to the customer has a 6mm cross section and 12 individual grids.

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