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Ferrari reads the unloaded wing on the back. Innovation and Where You Can Get Race - OA Game

Ferrari reads the unloaded wing on the back. Innovation and Where You Can Get Race – OA Game

The Major technological innovation Issued by Ferrari In case Austrian Grand Prix about thisRear wing. True, a new fund was also brought to the Spielberg track, which was tested by two drivers, but this piece will eventually only be loaded on the SF21 at Silverstone. Instead, this weekend, it was decided to change it Rear wing.

Scoteria de Maranello throws dust Main spoon profile, Sets it aside Small plate Last week Styrian G.P. The goal of bronzing horse technicians Reduce the running resistance In a single seat, in order to enjoy one High maximum speed. In short, it was trivially decided Less is less Must be straight and fast.

This is done by clearly taking this into account Different compounds Is scheduled Austrian Grand Prix. Includes shot application towards softness produced by Pirelli Composition Smooth, so more adherence can be guaranteed. This is why we chose the most exhausted rear wing. The Grip Earned by tires, “invested” in high speed. Not surprisingly, The Mercedes A Similar choice.

The rear spoon wing will allow you one More competitive in racing? Obviously, even if you turn it on, the maximum result that can be achieved, excluding misfortunes for the Red Bulls and Mercedes Fifth And from Sixth Location. Hope to point out more points McLaren, But we must be carefulAlpha Touri. The two Red Bull “sister” cars really seemed to be on the ball and growing up compared to last week.

After all, it can be important Find the right setting, Because in the morning Carlos Science Both were charged Cereals What a strong decline in composition C5. Well, it doesn’t set it all up. Many teams have strong doubts about whether you can stop only one pit in the race if you start with the soft ones, but Cereals That’s definitely an indication of how The square of the circle has not yet been found With changes.

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Hope it is May bring advice to Night and FP3 Bronzing Horse, At least be ready for tomorrow’s qualification. Then we will see what happens in the race, because according to the weather forecast, the hypothesis of the wet GP, all the unknown in this case is confirmed.

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