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Ferrari 2022 engine, will it have the current turbo-compressor program?

Ferrari 2022 engine, will it have the current turbo-compressor program?

In the technical fields of the teams, 2022, the focus was on the design of single seats and, last but not least, the development of power units. 2022 marks the freezing point of growth, Until the end of 2025, to rediscover the Formula 1 hybrid turbo system and open the era of synthetic fuels.

A long-time dedicated focus on Ferrari’s power unit, which should be on top With the power manifested, after 2021, it demonstrates excellent progress, especially in the development of electrical components.

The Mercedes school was inspected and rejected

According to The Race journalist Mark Hughes, the path was chosen to maintain the turbocharger team’s current technology program at Maranello. The idea of ​​moving to a design with a compressor detached from the turbo and positioned in front of the power unit is outdated. The technicians work in a power division, which is highly compact and has very deep growth in two areas.

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On the one hand it is referred to asIntercollegiate object of particular attention along with ERS components And, before the heating unit, a serious improvement in combustion.

Combustion, sustainable growth

The goal is to create the combustion front as widely as possible in the room, which is already expected by HCCI type solutions. Ferrari development focuses specifically on one aspect: it The development of a particularly turbulent air-gasoline mixture in the room, For a wide and uniform ignition that generates more power from the V6.

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If the blindness of the turbocharger panel map with the turbo and compressor located on the back of the V6 is to be confirmed by the facts, the Ferrari unit will remain the same from 2022, with this rule, Alpine points out that Renault’s transition from turbocharger to supercharger and after Mercedes’

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