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Federica kills Gianmaria, and she sheds tears over Big Brother VP

Federica kills Gianmaria, and she sheds tears over Big Brother VP

The young model wants to interrupt the story with well-known entrepreneur Gianmaria Antinolfi.

Big Brother Whip’s house continues to impress its visitors and the last couple born within the walls of the Cincinnati house was very young. Federica Calemme And well-known Campania entrepreneur Gianmaria Antinolphia. The two had been reading to each other for a long time and had just given a real kiss to each other in the sunlight inside the sauna yesterday.

Federica and Gianmaria seemed ready to start their love story, but this morning the young woman explained to the entrepreneurs that there was someone for her. Federica was not entirely engaged to her, but she was eager to point out that she had left out someone she absolutely cared about. Before Federica’s words, Gianmaria stepped back and asked herself to clarify.

Young Calemme made his decision this evening and told Gianmaria that he wanted to finish their story firmly before anything else happened. The well-known Antinolfi did not expect this decision, and with deep disappointment shed some tears from his trusted friends Miriana Travison and Manila Nazaro.

Gianmaria in tears for Federica

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