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FCC unveils new S27 portable speaker

FCC unveils new S27 portable speaker

A new speaker from Sonos appeared on FCC. The device named S27 is similar to the Sonos Move.

Sonos S27 – Mobile speaker exposed

Sonos could soon introduce a new speaker. A smaller model with the name S27 is now certified by the Certification Authority FCC. Of course, you can not get a loudspeaker directly by name, but you can find a structure in the stored test reports in which the test object (EUT) is drawn with a wireless charging station. So this refers to a device that has to move in the direction Sonos is moving.

So whether we see a Sonos Move 2 or a Sonos Move Mini here, we will only find out with the official presentation of Sonos. Anyway, the new device features Bluetooth and WiFi, which further supports the Sonos Move theory.

If there is any more news about this coming soon, I will definitely let you know!

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