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Farewell to Casalezio.  Rousseau downloads M5s

Farewell to Casalezio. Rousseau downloads M5s

“The Rousseau Association is changing direction. The choice is painful, but inevitable.” Gianroberto’s son attacks the accused for not paying the money owed to the movement. Now an “open, secular and cross-cutting site”

The time to say goodbye has come. David Casalegio greets former travel companions of the 5 Star Movement. “The Rousseau Association is changing direction. The choice is painful, but inevitable.” This announcement appeared in a blog post on Stars Blog. The problem is money. Rousseau is from the M5s and the M5s do not want to give to Casaleggio. “Given the size of the debts raised by the 5 Star Movement for the Rousseau Association and the decision of those who believe they are the movement’s governing body, we must issue a direct call to the press to explicitly violate the movement’s legislation. We are compelled to begin the process of layoffs. Today it is no longer possible, in fact, to support the costs required for employees working daily in the 19 services used by the 5 star movement ”.

David Casalezio decided to download the leadership of the movement to create a “secular platform”: “Rousseau will become an open, secular and crossroads. A place to give voice to all who want to mobilize around wars, themes or people. Projects that will create the largest ‘lobby’ of active citizens.” A place of ambition “.

Casalezio places the responsibilities of this choice on the M5s: “We have consistently called for the resolution of complex issues over these 15 months. We have repeatedly called for a common plan for eight long months to share a well-defined responsibilities and perimeter of mutual roles. We have firmly put forward the agreement that we will do our utmost to strengthen that special relationship that has allowed it to become a political force, to bring the hero of our country’s history and thousands of citizens into institutions with helmets, but to be together is to be a mutual choice, and to present respect and responsibility on both sides. Unfortunately, that did not happen. “

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