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Fans think Fighter Boss 2 will have an extra character - Nert 4. Life

Fans think Fighter Boss 2 will have an extra character – Nert 4. Life

A Reddit user – Rebert – proposed an interesting hypothesis related to this Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Fighting game for Nintendo Switch. As the player reveals, There may be an additional seventh character within Fighter Pass 2. That’s why he thinks it.

First, you need to know that all games, DLCs, and packaged products are included A unique code (NSUID) on the official Nintendo website. When the first collection of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate DLC characters was released, the six characters received codes ranging from 70050000008501 to 70050000008506. Next up is the Rex Me Bonus Dress with the number 70050000008507.

Now, according to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Fighter Pass 2, it will start at 70050000018967 (min) and arrive at 70050000018970 (Pyra / Mitra). Numbers ending in ‘18971’ and ‘18972’ are reserved for two letters not yet declared. However, this time the bonus dress has been announced as 70050000018974. In other words, Identification number ending in ‘18973’ was not used, it is “currently not available”.

Based on this, the user mentions it There may be additional writing within Fighter Pass 2 Presented by Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Rational makes sense, but of course it does: speculation. This is not official information It wasn’t even a leak.

To find out if this is true, we will have to wait for Nintendo to reveal what awaits us at Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Finally, we point out that “if the new characters have a sword it’s not Sakura’s fault”.

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