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Fans love the throne of men and women

Fans love the throne of men and women

The feeling between Jessica and David did not work: after exchanging outings in the village Trigger Island, The two never saw each other again. During a live Instagram post he made with other testers after the last episode aired, Pasolo made it clear that there is affection between him and Masceroni, but not a love story. One idea that many fans are getting married to is that the boy will be eager to come back Men and women In the original character of Tronista.

Stop for knowledge after Temptation Island

If a real interest is born between Manuela Carreiro and Luciano Punzo, it is between the other two heroes of Temptation Island 2021, which seems to have frozen after filming stopped.

Although Jessica It has been revealed that he exchanged several messages David After returning from Sardinia, the fans of the reality show understood it well between the two nothing Sentiment.

To confirm this impression, it was Pasolo during the live broadcast he made Instagram Last night, or just minutes after the last episode of the design he participated in this summer.

The boy, along with three other singers from the cast, told followers that he loved the Milanese he met in the village, but none of them No relationship. The former lawyer for men and women, in particular, said that now Maceroni should surround himself only with people who truly love him and try to metabolize the gap with Alessandro.

Possible future on TV after Temptation Island

Although in an elegant way, David He presented a “two shovels” in front of the cameras of Temptation Island, as well as believing that their beautiful introduction should continue.

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However, Pasolo immediately clarified things: when Jessica asked to see him again after saying goodbye to Alessandro, the handsome experimenter made no mention of it. Possible future As a couple, he advised the millennials to overcome the pain of separation by surrounding themselves with relatives and true friends.

“We’ll meet you outside,” the two said to each other before leaving Sardinia, but, as they said on social media, the meeting had not yet taken place.

The role of the masked wearer before Temptation Island

One impression that many Temptation Island visitors are getting married to is that David would never care about Jessica.

According to many, in fact, the only goal of the singles is to participate in the next season Men and women In an unprecedented role.

After accepting the role “Alchemist” A year ago, Pasolo would return to dating-show research as a protagonist or one of the new Tronists.

In the spring of 2020, the boy was one of the plaintiffs Giovana Abbott: Before showing himself, Ligurian tried to capture the young lady with a sweet and elegant make-up Mask Dolly’s on his face.

If at first this behavior conspired against the Roman of the classical throne, after a while he openly asked his lawyer to show him the right and fair choice.

So, David reveals himself in front of the cameras, but fails in his attempt to get Sami Hassan out of the heart of the beautiful Giovana. After a year of that experience, he made it into the hearts of the public that the boy Maria de Philippi could be called back in search of a soul mate in the episodes of the 2021/2022 season.

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