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Fan makes Nintendo controllers of horror

Fan makes Nintendo controllers of horror

Nintendo 64: Gamer builds scary horror controllers. (Image source: GlobalStock, Getty Images / Romolodvani, Getty Images)

A Nintendo fan created a particularly terrifying Nintendo 64 controller for the month of Halloween in October. The gameplay impresses with its repulsive succulent appearance and is a true body horror highlight.

With its trident design, the controller for the N64 is undoubtedly one of the most unique games of all time. But Apparently there is a little more interestAs a picture on Twitter demonstrates: This horror adaptation of the N64 controller is definitely not for the faint of heart or for a weak stomach.

Nintendo 64: Horror controller for Halloween

Twitter user Evan Miller unveiled the creation of a terrible creepy controller just a few weeks before Halloween. Miller did not create the controller, but the picture came on a Facebook group. Apparently someone has developed the Nintendo 64 controller and Redesigned according to the “more meat” path.

The basement will probably be on its own Worship Director and Body Horror Legend David Kronenberg Pride. However, the design of the controller is clearly reminiscent of the science fiction eXistenZ, directed by Kronenberg.

For horror fans, the controller is a fascinating piece of work that is highly focused on – from Googly-eye buttons for dental D-pad and nipple analog stick. People who do not like physical horror will lose their appetite quickly in this view.

Nintendo 64: Coming to the controller switch

Nintendo recently announced Return to N64 controller switch – This time, wireless and of course without a horror design.

The Retro Controller hits stores in late October – the service switch is compatible with some N64 Classic releases online.

You can find even more bizarre controllers in our photo gallery with nine different gaming consoles:

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This Nintendo 64 controller is a treat for all horror fans – but the meat design certainly doesn’t suit everyone’s taste.

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