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Famous Super Mario Radiation at 64 PC எடுத்த Reborn by Pokemon Millennium

Famous Super Mario Radiation at 64 PC எடுத்த Reborn by Pokemon Millennium

In the release Super Mario 3D All-Stars Many years later, we had the opportunity to run the official and modernized version Super Mario 64. As we know, this topic attracts many motorists, programmers and enthusiasts; This led to the creation of a project by a Twitter user ardariosamo. The goal was to create a complete radiation version of the game.

If you do not know, Il Radiation tracking A technology Lights Impressively, it has become a workhorse for such large companies Sony e Microsoft For the advertising of their consoles Of the new generation.

You can see a preview of the game in this video created by the team Digital Foundry, The creator of this mod who tried the first steps of the topic detailing the various aspects observed.

Shadows can be seen in large numbers in Mario and other elements of the scene, the introduction of a new lighting system made it necessary Add several new light sources Achieve the same brightness level of the original game environments. This gave more work to the creator of this mod and he still wanted to share the progress of his work. Obviously, this project will require several more months of work.

To avoid legal issues with the big N, the game code was distorted and made available online, however However, it needs to be re-compiled to get started. Here are the words of Digital Foundry:

First, a word about the origin of the Super Mario 64 PC port. The original title, released for Nintendo 64, was distorted to make the source code available. The result was the production of numerous ports on a variety of platforms, including – paradoxically – the Nintendo Switch. Since it is not copyrighted, contributors are welcome to start their own projects and add features to the game; This is exactly what Dario did with his version of Ray Tracing. By law, the source code is readily available, and the resulting compilation of executable files will attract Nintendo’s wrath. It is entirely possible to run this new alternative equipped with Super Mario 64’s nice PC port and ray tracing, but you have to compile the software.

In other words, since the source code of the game is available for everyone to download, everyone can create their own version. This is exactly what happened in Tario’s project, which created the full-ray detection variant of Super Mario 64.

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In addition to the work of individual users, companies prefer Nvidia They are taking steps to develop software that automatically activates the radiation channel in older PC games. This is definitely an interesting way to keep players interested in past topics.