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President of Nintendo on possible acquisitions

President of Nintendo on possible acquisitions

If Nintendo buys a company, the move will be based on technological innovations, so President Shundaro Furukawa.

Nintendo Chairman Shundaro Furukawa has addressed potential acquisitions that, as he has revealed, will drive it by accelerating with rapidly advancing technological innovations. “We need to protect cash reserves to ensure financial stability. However, if we are to respond to rapidly advancing technological innovations, we can get companies with the appropriate technology,” Shundaro Furukawa said.

Shantaro Furukawa has already stated in February 2021 that magnifying Nintendo’s development team does not make sense because it will not lead to higher quality games. He told Nicky that the company’s approach to mergers and acquisitions was based on the possibility that the goals could “add value to the entertainment that Nintendo offers”.

Nintendo is a Japanese manufacturer of video games and game consoles. However, Nintendo was founded by Pusajir Yamawuchi in Kyoto in 1889, and the company still exists today.

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