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False notifications tell iOS 14 beta testers to download the update

Users evaluating the latest iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 beta versions encounter an obvious error prompting them to download a newer version of the software, although there is no such update.

According to reports on Twitter, despite running several updated versions, many beta testers are seeing relentless push to upgrade from iOS 14 beta. Reddit And other social media.

The pop-up says, “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 14 beta.”

Selecting “Close” will disable the notification for at least a short time. Some users report that the alert reappears when they open the iPhone or visit the notification center. Although current beta versions are thought to include incorrect expiration dates, Apple has not commented on this issue.

This problem has been seen occasionally for the past few weeks, but today the severity has increased.

Beta testers faced a similar scenario with iOS 12 beta variants in 2018. That problem was caused by an obvious coding error that assigned an incorrect expiration date to the current beta. If it reads that the expiration date is valid, the operating system will automatically prompt users to download the new version.

With the iOS 12 beta, users found a solution by disabling automatic timing settings and re-scrolling their phone’s internal clock. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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