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Game Boss guys?  Yes to Xbox, but Devolver calls Satan and refuses -

Fall Guys Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One are coming: That’s it – Nert 4. Life

Meditonic announced it Fall guys Ultimate Knockout, his Arcade Battle Royale, is on the way su Xbox Series X | S E X Xbox One. When? This summer, just like the Nintendo Switch version. An exact release date is not currently specified, but information will come in the next few months. This announcement was made through a tweet, which you can find below.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Leading Game Designer Joe Walsh has also released this Report on the Xbox blog, Which we propose in translation: “Our team expects Xbox players to welcome so much confusion in our Blunderdome based on green beans. It’s definitely been a while, but finally we are, we can not wait”.

El’rivo de Fall Guys Ultimate Knock Out Xbox Series X | SE Xbox One Definitely not a surprise. Microsoft has previously said that the game is happening on social networks. DeVolver Digital has denied everything (and called Satan a witness) but clearly this is only an advertising move. The release date will be August 2021: It is credible that Sodia has a 12-month console exclusive deal with Mediatonic.

Nothing to do for now, but wait for the mediatonic new official information. Fall Guys will be constantly updating and introducing new features. In the meantime, you can also find the new trailer for the Nintendo Switch version.

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