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Fall Guys is finally free and you really should download this Crazy Battle Royale

Fall Guys is finally free and you really should download this Crazy Battle Royale

Battle Royal Friendly Fun, Fall Guys begins its second career. It is now available everywhere except for free play.

Today is a great day Fall guys : This Tuesday, June 21st, Mediatonic’s Battle Royale is free and accessible on as many sites as possible. Previously exclusive to PlayStation and PC players, Crazy Titles can be tried out by Xbox users (Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X) and Nintendo Switch owners.

The business model will pass the battle pass, which will open up more rewards (for a few euros) as the season progresses. Those who have spent 19.99 need to buy Fall guys At that time the first will not pay and will receive a legacy pack (three clothes and two cosmetics).

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout // Source: Delvolver

4 Good Reasons to Download Fall Guys

It’s free

It is wrong for you not to try Fall guys. Now it is free and available on many sites and you have no reason to ignore it. You do not like It will cost you absolutely nothing except your time.

Fun game, fun experience

FIsFriends It distinguishes itself from other competing online games by its harmless side. Here, we do not shoot and fight with each other, but often participate in obstacle (ninja warriors style) events. The goal is to come first to move on to the next. This is a re-reading of the Battle Royale genre: in the end, there can only be one. The game is designed to encourage mistakes: the guy is relatively difficult to control with a strange physics machine. You will get used to it soon.

You can play with all your friends

Fall guys Compatible with the cross-play feature, which allows all your friends to play with them regardless of the playing platform. Since it is not particularly needed, there is no advantage to playing on one console over another.

The future is bright and there are epic games behind it

Whether Fall guys Initiates this change, which was purchased by Epic Games. The multinational we owe to this event FortnightSo she simply uses her recipe for success – a strategy she has already mastered Rocket League. You should expect to see Fall guys In the coming months, Battle Royale became famous, knowing that it had a solid base: according to statistics Steam chartsThe average number of PC players connected simultaneously since November 2021 is 7,000.