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Jenshin Impact Update 1.3, Release Date and History In A New Trailer -

Jenshin Impact, version 1.3 coming soon, some details from miHoYo –

Kensh’s impact There is another important thing to get Update With arrival Version 1.3, Set February 3, 2021 And aims to bring many more Announcements, Some of them were announced by the miHoYo team in a new official post.

There will obviously be plenty within the new area of ​​the game Events, Which will enable Kensington to deliver innovative and enrich gaming experience. The most important of these “Lamp Ceremony”.

The latter resumes the usual tradition of traditional festivals and celebrations, especially those associated with oriental, paper lanterns or the like, or an eventAtmosphere The rule to be very specific and inspired.

It is necessary to achieve this in order to participate in this eventAdventure Ranking23 And get February 10 At the end of the month. Other important innovation is provided by the daily event “Look Fortune will find you”, Which allows everyone who connects to the game from February 11 onwards, to receive Adventure Ranking 5 starting every day with 10 backlinks, the most valuable game coin required to participate in the system Up to Get extra characters.

After the previous update, we also saw how the version 1.3 release date and history are presented in the trailer released in recent weeks, which also brought Kanyu in various news.

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